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 Shenzhen Smart Li-ion Energy Technology Company Ltd is a leading manufacturer for the Lithium Battery Management System (BMS) in Shenzhen. Our former company called Shenzhen Xing Hong Cheng Electric Company Ltd which set up on 2010. Our factory has around 2000m2 and sales branch setup in Shanghai, Zhejiang etc. We have around 100 staff and around 20% is in R&D department.

Our company principal is " creative thinking, focus on the technology development ". All of engineers also are college graduate and have rich experience in the BMS field. We intend to design the safety, efficient and stable BMS for satisfied customer requirement. The advance SOC & SOH algorithm to provide the complete management solution of Lithium Battery. We have developed the 5 - 100 series Lithium BMS solution successfully . It is widely used in the electric scooter, electric motor cycle, low speed car, electric car, telecom, data center UPS and home energy storage etc.

Moreover, we active adopt the " product + internet " principle to expand our market strategy. Then we have built up the " Smart Li-ion Icloud" since 2015 which gather, analysis the useful technology data and share with our strategy partner. Therefore, we can build up a well business relationship with many electric scooter manufacturers and battery packed manufacturers.

We have developed the intelligent fast charger, Lithium battery packed, Intelligent share power swapping system for E-bike and E-scooter since 2016. The design of intelligent fast charger is based on the logic of  Lithium Battery charging curve and achieve the fast charging function. For the Lithium battery packed, we use the beehive type dissipation technology and the intelligent BMS to achieve actively management.

We have the unique design of Lithium Battery management solution for difference application purpose, such as electric car intelligent battery management, Lithium battery intelligent balancing management, Cycle Life of Lithium Battery monitoring system, telecom and data center UPS battery monitoring system etc. These solution also widely used in many project and gain the well reputation from the user.

In 2019, we built up an cooperation relationship with North-West Industrial University and develop the platform of "Lithium Battery data analysis and application study". Moreover, we cooperated with the Japan LAPIS chips R&D department to develop the new lithium battery management chips, BW001 and BW4501. At the same time, our trademark, "BW" and "Smart Li-ion Cloud" is registered on the book of the China Patent Office. Lastly, Smart Li-ion become the unique technical consultant of " Shenzhen electric scooter safety technology committee" and draft the " Shenzhen electric scooter battery and charging cabinet application policy".

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