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48V20A Built in 2G module BMS
  • 48V20A Built in 2G module BMS
  • 48V20A Built in 2G module BMS
  • 48V20A Built in 2G module BMS
48V20A Built in 2G module BMS

Application Scope: Electric vehicle / Deliver service provider/Swapping battery system



 This series can prolong the battery packed life through the dyanmic balanceing. The 2G communcation function allow the user monitoring the battery state freely. With 2G IoT module and the unique swapping battery system, a smart community platform with convenient safety resource sharing market can be constructed.


Application Scope: Electric vehicle / Deliver service provider



Peronal Useage

2G Iot Series BMS can provide the comprehensive protection for the battery packed and lastge expansion functions.

The user can monitoring the battery state through difference communication interface

Battery Pack or finished product manufacturer

The 2G IoT module, unique swapping battery system with Smart cloud server allow the related service provider or product

manufacturer analysis the collecting data and improve their products based on the market real needs.



1)BMS design accroding to the standard series (14S) of electric vehicle

2)RS485, UART communication for monitoring the battery state and modified the firmwave

3)Five way temperature monitroing sensor

4)Coulomb electricity calculation, provide the accurate figure about the battery SOC

5)Intelligent dynamic balancing, prolong the battery packed life

6)Support Mosfet failure detection function

7) Fully battery protection function such as overcurrent, voltage, short circuit protection

8)Support weak power switch function

9)Support 2G IoT data transmission and GPS function


Item Condition Figure
1 Input Voltage Input Voltage B+ to B- 58.8V
2 SOC Cell detection voltage accuracy ±30mV
Battery detection voltage accuracy ±300mV
Detection current accuracy 3%
SOC accuracy 10%
3 Over charge protection (single cell) Over charge protection voltage 4250±30mV
Over charge recovery voltage 4100±30mV
Over charge detection delay time 1000±300mS
4 Over charge protection (battery group) Over charge protection voltage 60.0±0.3V
Over charge recovery voltage 57.4±0.3V
Over charge detection delay time 3000±300mS
5 Over discharge protection (single cell) Over discharge protection voltage 2850±30mV
Over discharge recovery voltage 3300±30mV
6 Over discharge protection (battery packed) Over discharge detection delay time 1000±300mS
Over discharge protection voltage 39.9±0.3V
Over discharge recovery voltage 46.2±0.3V
Over discharge detection delay time 5000±300mS
7 First Lever Discharge Protection First Lever Over current protection 40A±3%
First Lever delay time 5S±300mS
8 Second Lever Discharge Protection Second Lever Over current protection 60A±3%
Second Lever delay time 1S±300mS
Over current 20A±3%
Delay time 5S±300mS
9 Communication return delay time Data delay time in working mode ≤100mS
Data delay time in standby mode (more than two commands issed, the first is communication activated and the second is data responese) ≤100mS
10 Short circuit protection Battery capacity within 20AH Support
Short circuit detection time 200~600uS
Recovery Condition Disconnected the loading and charging
11 Temperature Protection High Temperature Discharge protection Protection 65°C (± 3°C)
Recovery 60°C (± 3°C)
Low Temperature Discharge protection Protection –15°C (± 3°C)
Recovery –10°C (± 3°C)
High Temperature charge protection Protection 55°C (± 3°C)
Recovery 50°C (± 3°C)
Low Temperature charge protection Protection –5°C (± 3°C)
Recovery 0°C (± 3°C)
High Temperature mosfet protection Protection 80°C (± 3°C)
Recovery 75°C (± 3°C)
12 Communication Interface RS485
13 On/off switch (弱电開關) External B+ input for control discharge mosfet on or off Support (Default setting is not)
14 Battery Temperature Monitoring External temperature sensor 4pcs
15 Balancing Passive consumption equilibrium Support
16 Extendable function 3G Module/ Bluetooth Support
17 Self Consumption Loading mode ≤13mA
Standby mode ≤165uA
Hibernate mode ≤8uA
18 0V Charger Disallowed
19 Recommend working condition Max continuous discharge current 30A
Max continuous charge current 15A
Recommend cell capacity Software modify according to the battery group design
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