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Swappable battery system V5.0
  • Swappable battery system V5.0
  • Swappable battery system V5.0
  • Swappable battery system V5.0
  • Swappable battery system V5.0
  • Swappable battery system V5.0
Swappable battery system V5.0

Product Name:  Swappable Battery System

Model No:  SB48V600W-V5


 -Fast Swappable battery

-Safety charging

-Strong expansion

-Intelligent management platform

-User friendly



【Series】:Complete unit

Intelligent 48V Swappable Battery Station for E-bike battery power exchange sharing with scanning QS code system

Product Description

 The courier and delivering operator major applied the low speed electric scooter with small size battery, but the residental building or garden disallowed to charge the battery in their area. These factors are affected the efficiency in daily grind. In view of safety consideration for the lithium battery charging, Shenzhen Smart Li-ion Energy Technology Co, Ltd create the Smart IoT Swappable Battery Station which provide the convenience swapping battery services for the electric scooter. The user scan the QS code from battery station only, then the electric scooter would be replaced with the fully charging battery for keep its running without delay .


   The swappable battery system for two wheel/three wheel electric scooter (herein after referred to swappable battery station)is an indispensable EV energy infrastructure after the large scale industrialization of electric vehicle.The construction of EV infrastructure relies on intelligent lithum battery technology as the basis to realize the battery resources sharing through the internet technology to satisfy the user daily energy usage requirement.



(a) 2G wifi communication module, transmitted the battery data to operation platform for remote management and analysised the big data

(b)Battery ID identification

(c)Achieve the process of renting battery, changing battery and returning battery through scanning the QR code

(d)The individual slot built in fire extinguishing device

(e)15" touch screen and CCTV camera

(f)Remote monitoring platform managed the system operation and fix the general issues such as restart the cabinet, open the locked slot door etc.



Product Specification

Product name

Swappable Battery System

Model no.


Input phase

Single phase (220VAC) for single unit

Three phase (380VAC) for multiple unit

Input voltage

180 - 264VAC

Output voltage

40 - 59VDC

AC/DC efficiency


Power supply capacity per slot


Size of LED display


Communication protocol


Slot quantity


Management Software

Zhi Li Smart IoT Plotform Management Software


Scan QS code from cabinet

Battery  slot dimension

105 X 159 X 340 mm ( L X W X H )

Battery type

Li-ion or CLP

IP Level



Input over voltage/ under voltage protection, Output overvoltage, over current, short circuit, over temperature protection

Other proection

Fire Protection, Flood Protection, Leakage Protection, Sun protection, Heat Insulation


CCTV installation

Cabinet dimension

620 X 1133 X 1978 mm ( L X W X H ) ( excluded the shelter)

Gross weight

287KG ( excluded the battery )


Blue and Grey

Operation temperature

0 ~ +50℃。

Operation humdity


Storage temperature

5 ~ 60℃

Storage humdity


Atmospheric Pressure


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