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48V15A 13S Master & Slave BMS
  • 48V15A 13S Master & Slave BMS
  • 48V15A 13S Master & Slave BMS
  • 48V15A 13S Master & Slave BMS
  • 48V15A 13S Master & Slave BMS
48V15A 13S Master & Slave BMS

Model No: ZBH48V20ATCU-XDS.F (Slaves) /  ZBH48V20ATCU-XDS.Z (Master)

Battery packed series: 13S

Battery type: Li-ion Battery Cell

Rating voltage: 48V

Max discharging current: 45A

Max charging current: 25A


1) Safety

     This BMS is dual switch design. When one group of battery is loading, another group should be in shut down mode.

2) Emergency

     Both battery packed have individaul switch. Once a group of battery break down another group should be replaced immdeiatey

3) Durable:

    Two group of battery should be interchange automatically through the BMS controlled. Once the main unit is in low power status, 

      the successive power is provided by another unit

【Series】:Tailor Series


This series concerned signal BMS system controlled dual battery packed. Due to the scooter adopted two battery packed, the running time should be longer than the normal one. Through the dedicated fast charger, it allow the charging time shortly. This BMS widely used in the far distance electric scooter


Application Scope

Electric Scooter/ Electric Tricycle



1) The BMS designed based on 13 series which is the standard of electric scooter standard

2) UART interface can read the battery state and modified the BMS frameware

3) Two battery packed can be interchange the power automatically

4) Temperature sensor monitoring

5) Accurate SOC information

    Coulomb electricity calculation, provide the accurate figure about the battery SOC

6) Support Mosfet failure detection function

7) Fully protection function

     Once the main unit is in low power status, the successive power is provided by another unit







No Item Condition Figure
1 Input Voltage Input Voltage B+ to B- 55V
2 SOC Cell detection voltage accuracy ±30mV
Battery detection voltage accuracy ±300mV
Detection current accuracy 3%
SOC accuracy 5%
3 Over charge protection (single cell) Over charge protection voltage 4150±30mV
Over charge recovery voltage 4050±30mV
Over charge detection delay time 1000±300mS
4 Over discharge protection (single cell) Over discharge protection voltage 2800±30mV
Over discharge recovery voltage 3300±30mV
Over discharge detection delay time 3000±300mS
5 First Lever Discharge Protection First Lever Over current protection 35A±3%
First Lever delay time 3S±300mS
6 Second Lever Discharge Protection Second Lever Over current protection 45A±3%
Second Lever delay time 1S±300mS
7 Over charge current protection Over current 5A±3%
Delay time 3S±300mS
8 Communication return delay time Data delay time in working mode ≤100mS
Data delay time in standby mode (more than two commands issed, the first is communication activated and the second is data responese) ≤100mS
9 Short circuit protection Battery capacity within 20AH Support
Short circuit detection time 200~800uS
Recovery Condition Disconnected the loading and charging
10 Temperature Protection High Temperature Discharge protection Protection 65°C (± 3°C)
Recovery 60°C (± 3°C)
Low Temperature Discharge protection Protection 20°C (± 3°C)
Recovery –15°C (± 3°C)
High Temperature charge protection Protection 45°C (± 3°C)
Recovery 40°C (± 3°C)
Low Temperature charge protection Protection –5°C (± 3°C)
Recovery 0°C (± 3°C)
High Temperature mosfet protection Protection 75°C (± 3°C)
Recovery 65°C (± 3°C)
11 Communication Interface UART
12 On/off switch (弱电開關) External B+ input for control discharge mosfet on or off Support (Default setting is not)
13 Battery Temperature Monitoring External temperature sensor 4pcs
14 Balancing Passive consumption equilibrium Support
15 Extendable function 3G Module/ Bluetooth Support
16 Self Consumption Loading mode ≤10mA
Standby mode ≤160uA
Hibernate mode ≤7uA
17 0V Charger Disallowed
18 Recommend working condition Max continuous discharge current 15A
Max continuous charge current 3A
Recommend cell capacity Software modify according to the battery group design
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